May 26, 2024

Week 5 –
Weight lost: 0 pounds (Total: -17.2 pounds)
% Body weight lost: 0% (Total: -6.67%)
Inches lost (waist): 0.0″ (Total: -2.75″)
Inches lost (neck): 0.0″ (Total: -0.75″)
Sleep quality: 87%

Well… there’s not much to report for week 5! I had 3 separate occasions where I had a couple drinks (two birthday dinners and a fundraiser event), and a couple of meals away from home, and that’s got me plateauing. I stayed in ketosis the entire time, but I’m also not eating enough calories. Busy week, not planning ahead well enough. So it’s been kind of hodge-podge… and I can tell I’m dehydrated. Many explanations for zero loss this week!

Here are some of those hodge-podge meals:

Taco salad with sleeping cat

Taco salad with bonus sleeping cat.

Veggie sausage egg McKetoMuffin

Veggie sausage egg McKetoMuffin (scrambled egg with Dubliner cheese and Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage patty on the Ultimate Keto Bun).

Basil-Tomato Pizza Veggie burger on the ultimate keto bun with kale chips

Morningstar Farms Basil Tomato Pizza veggie burger with mayo, Dubliner cheese, and pickles on the Ultimate Keto Bun with kale chips.

Making a meal out of appetizers at the Wildlife Center of Virginia Gala

I made dinner out of the appetizer plates at the Wildlife Center of Virginia fundraiser gala. (I also ate the guts out of the veggie lasagna).

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