June 17, 2024

Keto Vegetarian: Week 2

Week 2 –
Weight lost: 3.6 pounds (Total: 9.6 pounds)
Inches lost (waist): 1/4″ (Total: 1.0″)
Inches lost (neck): 1/4″ (Total: 1/4″)

Week 2 went well! Keto makes intermittent fasting really easy because I don’t get hungry. My problem now is that I’m not eating enough calories every day! I basically need to add a snack in somewhere, because most days I’m falling about 300 calories short, and 1200-1300 is way too low for me (at least at this weight). I’m too full to eat anything more with dinner, so it’s going to have to be a snack somewhere in between meals when I’m not full anymore.

I’ve had several more days over 95% sleep quality, so that continues to improve. I’m up to 17 squats per day if I break them up 12 in the morning, 5 at night. I’ll keep adding them at night to build up.

Here are some of my meals. I’m still getting most of my recipes from Keto Connect and Headbanger’s Kitchen. They’ve all been winners so far!

The cheese taco shell assembly line:

Cheese taco shell assembly line

Keto Connect overnight (no-) oatmeal – peanut butter, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and heavy cream. And a glazed protein donut. Nom.

Keto Connect peanut butter (no-)oatmeal and chocolate glazed protein donut

Zucchini fritters, macadamia nuts, and a half avocado stuffed with Beyond Meat veg chicken strips in garlic parmesan sauce.

Zucchini fritters, macadamia nuts, and avocado stuffed with Beyond Meat chicken strips in garlic parmesan sauce

Yep… I made the Keto Connect Chicago-style pizza again… cheese only this time. OK fine, I made it 3 times this week.

Keto Connect Chicago style deep dish pizza

Beyond Meat Beast Burger on the Ultimate Keto Buns, with munster cheese and lettuce and mayo and a smidge of ketchup, with Greek yogurt and raspberries for dessert.

Vegetarian Beyond Meat Beast Burger with the Ultimate Keto Buns, Greek yogurt and raspberries

Last week’s leftover taco stuff became taco salad. This week, I made enough cheese shells for all of the meals. 🙂

Vegetarian keto taco salad

So tasty!

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